The World Put On Hold

The World Put On Hold

A few months ago, if someone was to ask you if the whole country, or even the world, would be forced into an isolation, what would happen?  It would likely be a question that you brushed off and thought would never be possible.  But you’d also think that people would be confined to their homes, glued to electronics, and almost become a real-life version of Wall-E.

Well, here we are!  Over a month since the Coronavirus reared its ugly head in the United States.  Over a month after the NBA and other sports shut down.  Almost a month since we, at least here in Pennsylvania, were mandated to self-quarantine with the exception of essential services.  And what happened?

From a big picture view, the United States has had more than 550,000 cases of Coronavirus, over 20,000 deaths and fears of healthcare system overload and lack of supplies.  Essential services have been unable to obtain crucial supplies for personal protective equipment.  A surge of emotions has led many to become distraught, fearful, and anxious!  Others have experienced more of a roller coaster of emotions trying to figure out what is to come, what is going on, and how we will forever be changed by this current situation!

While all of the above is bad, there is another side that I have observed.  We have been forced to slow down.  Technology has been replaced by fun outside!  Increased family time.  Increased interaction with extended family and even friends that you may not have talked to regularly!  For a long time, technology seemed to distance those close and allow for those who were far away to stay in touch.  Now technology has paved the way for social gatherings that otherwise would have been difficult.  Long face to face talks (through technology) that otherwise would not have happened.  There has been less reliance on the power of a typed world and more on the sound of a voice!

The positive side of this whole thing may just be that we have been given a time to realize what truly matter to us!  And the ability to spend time developing those relations!  Don’t get me wrong, I could write a book on the whirlwind of emotions that I have experienced and continue to experience from day to day.  But, at the same time, my escape has been the interaction and support of my family, my friends, my team at Full Range that helps to see the good that has come from the very dark reality of what we are all experiencing right now.

With that, I ask you that, while you are struggling with the severity of this situation that we all find ourselves in, find the hope that has come from it!  Once you find that hope, be that hope and work to be a positive presence.  From there, spread the hope and bring smiles and optimism to those you interact with (even if through technology)!  A smile, while seemingly small, can brighten up even the darkest room!

-Mike McDevitt Jr., PT, DPT
Founder & CEO


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