The thing to remember, as Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, we are medical professionals and, as such, we will see things. Some more than others, and depending on what environment you choose, and some more devastating than others. But we will see falls, 911 calls, strokes, serious injuries, serious complications, sometimes neglect, sometimes abuse, and sometimes unspeakable things that you don’t want to discuss. The thing is that is just sometimes. But ALL OF THE TIME, we will see PEOPLE! People with feelings, emotions, perspectives, mental challenges that we may not be aware of! ALL OF THE TIME our patients are people! Educated or uneducated, motivated or not, kids or adults, 27 or 97…. they are people! And as such, they deserve the utmost respect and empathy and compassion. Therapists face a difficult reality in today’s healthcare field! In some cases we are disrespected, misunderstood, overlooked, and underutilized. In most…

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Why are you doing this (referring starting Full Range Physical Therapy and Rehab Services)? A question that is often asked of Physical Therapist and owner, Michael McDevitt! Simply put…its needed! Healthcare today is all too often driven by green. We say it all of the time, do right by the patient first and foremost! Everything else will fall into place! So why? To change the environment! Make ripples in a healthcare system that has been less than efficient with questionable motives! To provide first class care and customer service! To show people what the rehab services are capable of if performed properly! We are creating a team of passionate clinicians that take pride in providing the best care possible centered around what is best for the patient, while maximizing our skills within our scope of practice (PT, OT, and SLP)! Now over 2.5 years old, we look forward to continuing…

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