Caring- One Person At A Time

Caring- One Person At A Time

Our Occupational Therapists are leading the charge to ensure that our at-risk community is safe during this difficult time!

April 30, 2020- As Occupational Therapy Month comes to a close, we have our first full month of quarantine and a historical time that has impacted us all!  We have had more than 6 weeks of social distancing, face masks, quarantine, and much more.  The impacts of this time include a roller coaster of emotions and concern.  While some enjoy increased time with immediate family, others are experiencing individual isolation, decreased activity, increased anxiety, fear, depression, and other harmful feelings.  These needs have been met with telehealth and video conferencing, but some are only able to understand and carry out simple phone calls.  These members of our community, include our older, more vulnerable neighbors that may be experiencing challenges that pose an immediate concern for their health and well-being.

In a time when hospitals are focusing on COVID-19, medical offices are limiting in-person visits and using video conferencing, and rehabs are limiting admissions, we have options!  Our Occupational Therapy team has developed a unique program we are calling At Risk Check-In's!  This program is designed as a safety check-in that is more than just a phone call.  An at risk check-in includes:

  • An initial contact phone call to reach out, introduce, and screen an at-risk neighbor
  • A scheduled in-person visit to assess social and cognitive status, physical functional, medication supply and program, and grocery supply and plans, and much more!  -OR-
  • If an initial contact phone call is not successful, an in-person drive-by with outside communication and a socially distant introduction.

We have a 24 hour turnaround time from initial call.  In some cases we offer same day appointments.

Additional services include home healthcare, physical therapy, speech therapy, and individual one-on-one outpatient therapy!

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