Daily Archives: July 25, 2020

COVID-19: No Diagnosis, No Symptoms, Big Consequences   Since early March, our lives have been flipped upside down.  Social interaction has been discouraged.  We have been told to stay in and most have!  Many have followed the CDC, State, and Federal guidance in an effort to stay safe.  But a new reality has come to light, safe has many meanings!  Safety from COVID-19 is one aspect, but what about safety with general function? Many older adults have chosen to stay sheltered for months and have felt the consequences.  Some say that for every day in bed, it takes 7 days to recover to lost endurance, lost strength, lost flexibility, lost range of motion, etc…. But what happens when we shelter inside for months?  What happens when we get away from our daily routines, including walking, exercise, shopping, and typical life?  For many, the answer many be nothing.  We adapt and…

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