Daily Archives: April 13, 2020

A few months ago, if someone was to ask you if the whole country, or even the world, would be forced into an isolation, what would happen?  It would likely be a question that you brushed off and thought would never be possible.  But you’d also think that people would be confined to their homes, glued to electronics, and almost become a real-life version of Wall-E. Well, here we are!  Over a month since the Coronavirus reared its ugly head in the United States.  Over a month after the NBA and other sports shut down.  Almost a month since we, at least here in Pennsylvania, were mandated to self-quarantine with the exception of essential services.  And what happened? From a big picture view, the United States has had more than 550,000 cases of Coronavirus, over 20,000 deaths and fears of healthcare system overload and lack of supplies.  Essential services have…

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